I don’t need a boss. I am the boss. (A Conversation with Mom).

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It seemed that I was never made to work under anyone else but myself. I realized this after a conversation with my mom. We’re a lot alike. We like quirky food and bright colors. We like different types of music and tattoos. We’re artsy. And it’s no surprise that we both happen to be Aquarians (my brother is one, as well!). We’re also sometimes reserved, and prefer to keep to ourselves from time to time. We don’t like conformity, and sometimes we have a little TOO much fun.

But the one thing me and my mother seem to ultimately hate is…  the work environment.  You see, I had a conversation with my mother a few weeks ago and eventually, it came to how hard it was for me to find a job. Any job. And if I did get one, whether it was an interview or a couple of weeks at a restaurant – I was often fired/spoken over/dumped/mistreated/and insulted.

Now, I know that some people would say that all of this is a sign of fault from me (and some of it was). Clearly I was just a lousy employee, right? But, the thing is, that a lot of the fault came from the work environment and the people that I was working with. Not to mention the lack of proper training and how some of the bosses were just absolute nightmares (shudder). My mother, who has way more job experience than myself, has encountered the same problems in her own job history. Crappy bosses, with even crappier and unhappy employees who seemed to love to dump their own insecurities onto one or few people who dared to stick out by simply being new (or even just a little friendly or awkward).

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This wasn’t the first time we’ve had this conversation. And every time we’d finish it, she’d ask, “Are you sure you have the personality where you can truly work with other people? That’s not to say you can’t, but do you truly want to?” I think it took me a long time to admit it, but it’s true. I like people. I like hearing about other people’s lives and interests. But I absolutely hate and I do mean hate working with them. I hate cash registers. I hate counting money. I hate sweating over fast food burgers (when I should be at home, cooking for myself!). I hate being mistreated by rude customers and equally awful bosses and co-workers. And the number one reason why I hate working with other people?

I hated feeling powerless. I hated feeling like I had to perform in order to receive the basic respect I knew I deserved. If I had to perform to make money, then I’d rather struggle to make my own money. So, I guess there’s no surprise with knowing exactly what this blog is all about.

I don’t know what took me so long to take my power back. But I do know that I’m taking it back right now, at this very moment. Instead of being fired by all of my past bosses, I’m firing them. At this time, I am now my own boss and the ruler of my own fate.

I can’t wait to have this journey with you, and I hope that this blog will inspire many of you to take charge of your life. – No Boss Life

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3 thoughts on “I don’t need a boss. I am the boss. (A Conversation with Mom).

  1. While reading this, I just kept on saying ‘Oh, that’s just some.’ I can absolutely relate to you! The feeling of being powerless, always following the order in a total working environment is really annoying and I never want to pursue something which would lead me to this job thing.


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