Don’t Give Up. (Week Two).

I don’t think I have the right to say this is my ‘week two’ of blogging. I started off so strong on my first week, but for some reason, my enthusiasm fell off once the weekend started. I’ll be honest, whether it’s from a weird chemical imbalance in the brain (a.k.a, depression), or just plain ol’ lethargy… I know that it’s my fault. I don’t mean to leave any of my followers hanging, but sometimes you just don’t know what to write.

Or, in my case, things happen so fast that you can’t keep it. And I couldn’t keep up. I don’t want to get into my personal life too deeply, but it was pretty rough as far as personal stuff went. Now I’m back in writer and artist mode, trying to put the pieces together.

I know I’m not the only person who goes through this. Whether you work at home or at a regular 9 to 5, sometimes you just don’t know what to do. I feel it’s cliche to blame the modern world for stress. Since when has there not been a time that people have not stressed? I mean, yeah, we’re not cave people anymore. And the mortality rate has definitely lowered, overall. We don’t have to run from everything that wants to eat us on foot – unless you live in Australia. Sorry, Australia.

The source of the stress may be different, but the feelings are all the same.

I do want to apologize for not making this as pretty and organized as it should. And I especially want to apologize for ignoring my blogging duties, among other things. Don’t fret and don’t worry my friends – I haven’t abandoned you. I was in a bad place, and I knew I couldn’t write properly with tears in my eyes. The only advice I can give you as far as living a no boss life goes, is to don’t give up.

It’s not easy.

You’re going to encounter a lot of bullshxt, a lot of drama (from within and on the outside) and sometimes, it’s just gonna suck. But I’m begging you… please don’t quit. Hell, I don’t even want you to give up on a good, salaried job if you can’t help it. Just as long you’re doing what you want is what matters to me. But for me, I know I’m destined to be my own boss. My personality will never work in an office setting (unless it’s in the field I’m graduating in), and it’s definitely not a thing in the service industry (I can’t smile on cue and my hair is weird.. go figure!), so I’ve accepted this hard path.

But it’s path that’s lined with gold. And that’s worth something.

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