How I Made 30.00 Dollars in just three days on Fiverr.

Did ya’ miss me? 😉

I missed all of you! I promised this post in the afternoon, but it had to be pushed back by tonight, and tonight’s subject has made me a happy/not-so-broke-but-still-broke woman. I want to introduce all of my readers to a lovely site that has helped kick-start my freelancing gig.

As you may or may not know, (how can you not, I made all of the graphics on this site!), I’m a graphic designer and an illustrator. And when you jump into those fields, unless you already have a steady job, you’re gonna survive on a LOT of ramen. So, recently, I’ve been dying for something less ramen-y or even delivery… pizza-ish? I also have other bills coming in, so, here’s where Fiverr comes in.

Fiverr’s Homepage.
As the tagline suggests, Fiverr is a marketplace where creatives and other fields offer services for as cheap as $5 bucks. Get it? For many people, it’s just a side gig, but if you really work at it, it can be a source of actual income. There are even people who have made over 30,000+ a year and have moved on to bigger and better things because of it.

I have tried Fiverr in the past, it never stuck. However, this time, I’ve actually started making some money. So my, argument is to go for it! You never know what’s gonna happen. 😉


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