I Am (Not) Your Guru – Review

Biased, yet inspirational. Tony Robbins’ new documentary is part infomercial and part self-help rock concert.

Last weekend, I reopened my subscription for Netflix and poured over the latest shows I’ve missed in the past five months. A fun fact about me? I love documentaries. Any subject. I think real life is just as weird or even weirder than fantasy, and so I’ve developed a documentary addiction. Now, I’m also big into the LOA community (something I’ll blog about in depth later on), and recently I’ve heard about Tony Robbins and his work in helping people become their true selves.

Or, so he says.

I’ll be frank, I came in as a skeptic. And there are still some parts that have left me unconvinced.

Tony Robbins’ advice: Better taken with a grain of salt?

Tony Robbins started his career in the mid 80’s as an author and a self-help guru (ironic). Over the years, he has developed a star-studded clientele: Hugh Jackman, Princess Diana and Bill Clinton are among those famous faces. So it’s no shocker to see that this man has plenty of his own fans. Tony Robbins’ current documentary showcases his Date With Destiny retreat. A full week of training and seminars with people from all over the world who are searching for real meaning and tools that can help them live their best lives. I would be lying if I didn’t think that Tony knew what he was doing.

He’s charismatic and a straight talker. He’s already massive at a staggering 6’7″, but his onstage persona is even bigger. He curses and is blunter than a butter knife – you want the truth, he’ll give it you along with a string of f-bombs. However, he does have a tender side, especially after hearing the story of a young woman who had to survive and escape the clutches of the Children of God cult.

Unfortunately, I’ve still got my own reservations, the documentary is just biased enough to read as an infomercial and Mr. Robbins’ work definitely has a flavor of sexism and a strong belief in archaic gender roles that aren’t necessarily needed to go by in this modern day and age.

All in all, I Am Not Your Guru is still a good watch if you ever need to pump yourself up and inspire yourself to take that next step. But take some of the things he says with a grain of salt.

I give it: 7 out of 10 stars.


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